A Guide to Exploring the Midlands Meander Route with SANI Car Rental

Sheep grazing in the Midlands

With its rich history, diverse attractions, and beautiful scenery, the Midlands Meander provides an enchanting journey for explorers. Unique highlights like the Karkloof Nature Reserve, the historic Nelson Mandela Capture Site, a local cheese farm, lively Midlands markets, and charming coffee shops make this route a trove of South African culture and nature. 

An affordable car rental is a convenient option for exploring the scenic Midlands Meander at your own pace. Using an affordable car rental is a natural choice to explore all this scenic route has to offer.

When travelling along the Midlands Meander, reliable transportation is essential. There are a number of advantages to using SANI Car Rental in KwaZulu Natal. The flexibility, convenience, and access a rental car provides allows you to customise the trip to suit your preferences. 

Day One: The Karkloof Nature Reserve and The Midlands Waterfalls

This reserve is a paradise for birdwatchers and ecotourists thanks to its abundance of plant and animal life. Take a leisurely stroll through the native forests, discover some of the most breathtaking waterfalls, and photograph some of the most fascinating bird species. 

A view of the Midlands Waterfall

Then make your way to the Midlands Waterfalls in your SANI Rental Car and enjoy this natural beauty in KwaZulu Natal. The two tallest are Howick Falls and Karkloof Falls, both over 100 metres high with spectacular views and picnic areas. The falls are best seen after rainfall, when they become more impressive with soothing sounds. 

Day Two: The Nelson Mandela Capture Site 

The next day, delve into South Africa’s history at the Nelson Mandela Capture Site. 

Learn about the life of Nelson Mandela, including his incarceration and the legacy he has left behind. There is also a large sculpture and a visitor centre to learn more about this global figure’s life. 

Day Three: The Cheese Farm 

The third day of your road trip introduces you to the fine art of cheesemaking at a local cheese farm in the Midlands.

Experience the entire process, from milking to maturing, and finish your visit with a delicious cheese tasting, paired perfectly with local wines. 

A Cheese tasting board

You’ll be spoilt for choice, with so many cheeses to choose from. The two main cheese farms on this route are Marrakesh Cheese Farm and Swissland Cheese Farm. 

Day Four: The Midlands Local Markets 

The fourth day takes you to the heart of Midlands life—the local markets.

Fresh produce, beautiful crafts, and unique souvenirs paint a vibrant picture of the region’s cultural life. Only an hour’s drive from the cheese farm, it’s a perfect way to soak in the local atmosphere.

Fresh vegetables on sale at the Midlands local market

Day Five: Coffee Shop 

On the fifth day, treat yourself to a cup of coffee at one of our local coffee shops. Savour local snacks, try out unique coffee blends, and soak in the relaxed ambiance. Here are our top picks:

  • Terbodore Coffee Roasters
  • Barn Owl Coffee Shop
  • Nottingham Blueberry Café
A barista making a delicious cappuccino

This five-day trip through the Midlands Meander route offers a journey like no other, brimming with history, culture, and natural beauty. By taking the wheel of your SANI Car Rental, you can fully explore this stunning South African region your way.

Explore the Midlands Meander Route and surrounds by renting a car in KwaZulu Natal. SANI Car Rental is a South African homegrown car rental company. Vehicles available to rent include compact cars, economy cars, premium cars, people carriers, and SUVs. SANI Car Rental has customers all over South Africa, including at all the major airports, both domestic and international. 

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