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Things to do when renting a car at Mthatha Matanzima Airport

Mthatha is a city in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa and is known for its rich history and memorable coastlines. It is the hometown of iconic statesman Tata Nelson Mandela. It has an airport, which is named after Kaiser Matanzima, a former president of this region, and has a pick-up point for SANI Car Rental where you can collect your car hire. 

Mthatha is a modest place, but definitely should be on your list to explore. Below is our list of things to do:

Nelson Mandela Museum

The museum was opened in 2000 and aims to provide a cultural experience and enrich the lives of the locals. It comprises two main elements: the impressive Bhunga Building in Mthatha; and the Youth and Heritage Centre in Qunu (the cultural village where Mandels grew up). It also features exhibitions and imagery which stands as a tribute to the vision and ideology of Nelson Mandela.  

Trials and hikes

There are forests and reserves that has spectacular views and offers great hiking trails. Some include the Hluleka Nature Reserve, Dwesa and Cwebe Nature Reserve, Madiba Trail and Magwa Waterfall.

A day at the beach

If you are travelling from landlocked cities, a day at the water will be your ideal activity. Mthatha has a few spots where you can go to relax. This includes Bulungula Beach, Coffee Beach and a short drive out of Mthatha is Second Beach. 

In just a minute, you can secure a booking through SANI Car Rental at Mthatha Matanzima Airport. We have an extensive fleet for hire. We will provide the vehicle and Mthatha will provide the adventure. 

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