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Our loyalty programme is the first of its kind to reward its local customers in the way that we do. We allow you to earn free upgrades and free rental days more frequently. The benefits can be banked for the year and can be redeemed at any of our locations. We provide value, benefits and rewards to show our appreciation. 

SANI Royalty Tiers
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Terms & conditions apply

Terms and conditions apply. Click here to read the SANI Royalty terms and conditions.

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SANI Royalty - Terms and Conditions

  1. All Royalty program benefits, upgrades and positioning/allocation of reward levels are at the discretion of SANI Car Rental and are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. 30-day rentals (monthly bookings) will not qualify for the SANI Car Rental Royalty Programme.
  3. Rewards such as upgrades and free rental days are strictly dependent on vehicle and rental group availability and at the sole discretion of SANI Car Rental.
  4. The SANI Royalty programme applies to rentals based within South Africa only and is not available beyond the borders of South Africa. All rewards will only be accessible to be claimed only on rentals within South African borders.
  5. Upgrades are not eligible for Van, Discreet and Distinguished rentals.
  6. The Renter is liable for any additional charges that may be levied/incurred when the rewards are redeemed, which includes all additional charges not included in the award provision.
  7. If WhatsApp and/or any other social media platform/s or any other media are selected as the preferred method of communication, the renter ‘opts in’ by default to receive marketing and advertising material from SANI Car Rental.
  8. The Royalty Programme shall be interpreted in accordance with and subject to, the prevailing Laws of South Africa.
  9. The Royalty programme is subject to the overall SANI Car Rental terms and conditions.
  10. The Free-day benefit can only be claimed on rentals reserved 7 days in advance, prior to checkout.
  11. Only one reward can be redeemed per rental.
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