Best Surfing Spots on the Western Cape Coast

The Western Cape coast of South Africa, a world-renowned destination for wave riders, promises an unforgettable surfing experience. This stretch of coastline has earned a reputation as a surfer’s paradise with its unique blend of beach, reef, and point breaks. 

Great surf on the West Coast of the Western Cape


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Long Beach, Kommetjie

Long Beach, in the quaint fishing village of Kommetjie, is one of the most consistent surfing spots in the Western Cape. The raw beauty of this location, together with its strong, powerful waves, draws surfers of all experience levels.

Entrance to Long Beach, Kommetjie

The surf at Long Beach provides a steady right-hand break that rolls onto a sandy shore. The best conditions usually arise in the winter, when the swell direction is primarily from the west.

Muizenberg Beach, False Bay

Muizenberg Beach, lying on the shore of False Bay, is a favoured playground for beginners and longboarders. The wide, sandy beach and gentle waves offer an ideal learning environment.

Unlike the powerful waves of Long Beach, Muizenberg Beach presents softer, gentler waves. The best surf conditions are usually found in the winter, when northwesterly swell lines are prevalent.

Elands Bay, West Coast

A bit further afield, the remote Elands Bay serves up a world-class left-hand point break, a siren call for experienced surfers.

Elands Bay’s breaks can be challenging, with a powerful left-hand wave that promises a thrilling ride. The ideal surfing season is in winter, when the northwest swell coincides with southeast winds.

Victoria Bay, Near George

Victoria Bay, located near George, offers the scenic charm of a small cove and a right-hand reef break that beckons intermediate to advanced surfers.

The right-hand reef break at Victoria Bay presents a fast wave, perfect for carving up some impressive moves. The best surf is often found in the winter months with a westerly swell and easterly winds.

Stilbaai, Garden Route

Stilbaai, along the Garden Route, boasts a variety of breaks, including a long right-hand point break and a beach break, offering something for everyone.

Stilbaai delivers mellow waves that are perfect for a laid-back surfing session. The best conditions usually arise from May to September, when the west swell is dominant.

Blouberg Beach, Bloubergstrand

Blouberg Beach is a kitesurfing haven. With its strong winds, particularly between November and March, it’s a paradise for thrill-seekers.

The breathtaking view of the famous Table Mountain from Blouberg Beach

Kitesurfing at Blouberg Beach is influenced by strong winds from the south-East, South-South-East, and South, ensuring an adrenaline-filled ride on the wave peaks.

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