Exploring the Art Route of the Western Cape – Galleries, Studios, and Public Art

Cape Town street art of a lady reading a book

The Western Cape offers a variety of art routes, featuring galleries, studios, and public art installations that show the lively culture of the area. Exploring these artistic treasures, affordable car rental options make navigating these routes convenient and enjoyable.

Paternoster Art Route

Located in the small fishing village of Paternoster, this art route is a short but enjoyable journey through a community that is rich in creativity. Key spots include:

  • Botha Art Gallery: This gallery is renowned for its beautiful oil paintings that perfectly encapsulate the town’s culture and scenery.
  • Fleur Delyse: Specialising in glass art, this studio shows unique works that demonstrate innovative glass-blowing techniques.
  • Magda Art: Here, one can view an impressive collection of oil paintings by Magda, a famous artist in the community.

This fun and easy to navigable walk is just 2.5 km, making it perfect for all fitness levels. 

Woodstock Art Route

As Cape Town’s hub of creativity, Woodstock is filled with galleries, artist studios, and eclectic art stores. This neighbourhood is big in the contemporary art scene of South Africa, offering a cultural experience that is both engaging and inspiring. 

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA)

The eye-catching exterior of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

Located at the V&A Waterfront, MOCAA is the largest museum dedicated to contemporary African art. The museum’s striking architecture is matched by its extensive collection, featuring works from across the continent. Highlights include exhibitions that showcase the vibrant and diverse talents of African artists.


This gallery is a focal point for cutting-edge contemporary art, hosting works from both established and emerging artists globally. The gallery’s recent shows of different kinds of art show how important it is for the modern art world to support and encourage new styles and voices.

Southern Guild

Located in Cape Town, Southern Guild has a reputation for spotlighting collectible design pieces. The gallery features innovative works by South African designers, each piece a testament to the unique creative spirit that characterizes the local design scene.

Goodman Gallery

With venues in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Goodman Gallery is a renowned place that supports a diverse range of contemporary artists. The gallery is known for putting on exhibitions that make you think. It also does a lot to start conversations about important societal issues through art.

SMAC Gallery

With branches in Cape Town and Stellenbosch, SMAC Gallery is celebrated for showcasing contemporary art that includes painting, sculpture, and photography. The gallery is a center for modern art enthusiasts, providing a platform for artistic innovation and expression.

South African National Gallery

This national treasure in Cape Town houses an extensive collection of artworks from South Africa and abroad. As the nation’s premier art gallery, it offers visitors a comprehensive look at the rich artistic heritage and contemporary artistic practices of South Africa.

The art routes of the Western Cape represent a wide range of creativity and culture. Each gallery and studio tells a unique story, contributing to the broader narrative of South African and African art. 

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