Exploring the Best Curry Spots in Durban

When it comes to uncovering the aromatic and flavorful world of curry, there’s no better place to be than Durban. With SANI car rental in Durban, you can experience this vibrant culinary journey at your own pace, weaving your way through the streets steeped in rich, intoxicating spices.

There’s an unspoken freedom that comes with an affordable car rental in KwaZulu-Natal. It’s the freedom to explore at your own pace, following your nose to the best curry spots in Durban. Not to mention the added convenience, saving you time and ensuring a comfortable journey. Here are some top curry spots in Durban to try: 

Capsicum Restaurant

Our first stop is the Capsicum Restaurant, located on the bustling Florida Road. Known for their tantalizing Indian cuisine, the restaurant offers an array of dishes guaranteed to satisfy your curry cravings. From traditional favorites like mutton and chicken curry to vegetarian options like the famous Durban dal (lentils), you’ll be spoiled for choice.

The restaurant is also known for their selection of homemade rotis, freshly made with love and served with condiments on request. To top it all off, there are even dessert options available if you have a sweet tooth.


Tucked away in Umbilo is Gounden’s, a hidden gem renowned for its scrumptious mutton curry. Set in an unassuming location in Glenwood, it’s a must-visit for those seeking an authentic Durban curry experience. It’s no wonder Gounden’s is a beloved spot among locals who enjoy its homely atmosphere and delicious dishes.

A bowl with an array of mixed spices

The menu includes the restaurant’s signature mutton curry, as well as other classic Indian curries such as butter chicken, rogan josh and korma. Plus, there are plenty of vegetarian options available including dhal.

Impulse by the Sea

Steer your SANI car rental in Durban towards the beautiful Ballito, where you’ll find Impulse by the Sea. Known for their delectable seafood curry, it’s an experience for both your taste buds and your senses, as you enjoy your meal with a stunning ocean view. 

The restaurant also serves a variety of meats and vegetarian dishes. There’s something for everyone – with generous portions and attentive service! So, whether you’re a Durbanite or just passing through, Impulse by the Sea should be on your list of places to eat.


Our culinary journey continues to Tongaat, where Seabelle awaits with a promise of delightful Indian cuisine. Located on Beach road, the warm, inviting atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for a satisfying meal. 

A curry dish with a variety of condiments

The menu boasts a variety of traditional curries and spicy dishes, accompanied by crispy poppadoms. Their robust flavors are complemented nicely by the selection of mango lassis or chai lattes.

Ocean Terrace at The Oyster Box Hotel

On Lighthouse Road in Umhlanga Rocks, you’ll find the Ocean Terrace at The Oyster Box Hotel. Offering an array of Indian dishes, the restaurant presents an unrivaled dining experience, combining mouthwatering food with an extraordinary view. 

From the light starters to a range of succulent curries, there’s something for everyone. The freshly-baked naan bread and various chutneys help bring it all together – an unforgettable meal that you’ll be sure to savor.

Mali’s Indian Restaurant

Nestled in Hillcrest is Mali’s Indian Restaurant. Known for its diverse Indian cuisine, it’s the perfect place to explore the rich and varied world of curry. The menu features an array of classic dishes such as mutton biryani and tandoori chicken, as well as imaginative new creations like lamb vindaloo. 

Along with traditional accompaniments like chapatti or naan bread, the restaurant offers a variety of regional recipes and specialties including mango lassi and rose kulfi for dessert. Come experience a taste of India in Durban at Mali’s Indian Restaurant. Enjoy a delicious meal and share the warmth of hospitality that is Mali’s trademark!

The Little India Restaurant

The Little India Restaurant offers a variety of Indian dishes, it’s an invitation to delve deeper into the flavours that define Durban’s curry scene. From the classic tandoori chicken, to a spicy shrimp vindaloo, 

The Little India Restaurant ensures that all palates are catered for. To complete your meal, try an authentic dessert such as Ras Malai or Gulab Jamun from their comprehensive dessert menu. 

Unity Bar

Our gastronomic adventure wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Unity. Also located in Musgrave, the restaurant specializes in Indian cuisine and is a firm favourite among locals. 

The restaurant features a wide selection of classic curries, such as Korma and Madras. For an additional taste of Indian culture, the Tandoori dishes are highly recommended. 

A variety of curries displayed in beautiful traditional serving dishes

A car hire in the KwaZulu-Natal region offers a range of benefits, most notably the freedom to discover Durban’s diverse culinary scene. The convenience, flexibility, and comfort provided by a reliable vehicle allow you to savor the vibrant flavours of Durban’s best curry spots at your leisure.

Exploring the best curry spots in Durban is a sensory adventure, best enjoyed at your own pace. With a SANI car rental in Durban, you can create a unique culinary journey, ensuring that you get the most out of your visit. 

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