Kogelberg Biosphere: The Real Life Garden of Eden

A snippet of the Kogelberg Biosphere landscape.

South Africa’s oldest and first-ever biosphere, with 100,000 km of nothing but the raw nature of global value. It’s made up of mountains, land and sea. Globally, it is one of only six plant kingdoms and has over 1880 plant species, of which 77 are exclusive to the Kogelberg area. Its seascape houses over 3500 exclusive species. This ‘garden of Eden’ is only 40 km away from Cape Town and ready to welcome you. 

So What Exactly is a Biosphere?

It is defined as a region on, above and below the earth’s surface where life exists. It’s a support system for the planet’s life, assisting in balancing atmospheric composition, soil health and the water cycle. Kogelberg is the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Activities At The Biosphere

Walk along the flower-filled landscape; there are many hiking trails for all skill levels; or rent a bike from a local shop and ride through the mountains. During the winter months, you can watch the whales. The waters are synonymous with surfers, swimmers and fishermen. There are kayaking and paddle boats too, and remember to bring your binoculars for some bird watching.

A Friendly reminder

Biospheres are highly protected and every visitor has a responsibility to help preserve them. Therefore, it is important to adhere to all the rules:

  • Stick to dedicated walking paths to not disturb the plants.
  • Fishing must be done in dedicated zones as well.
  • Practice photography ethics to avoid disturbing the animals and find out what is permissible and not in that department. 
  • Don’t pick flowers or litter, it will harm the environment.

Visitor information

The various scenic hiking trails are affordable and offer something for everyone. Kayaking, river rafting and mountain biking are offered at the same price. If you are looking to spend some time in the reserve, there are self-catering accommodation options available on their website. Make sure you have cash on hand because there are conservation fees for this type of place.

What’s on Offer at the Biosphere

Not only that, but there is a curio shop and a variety of lodging options with uninterrupted views of nature. If you want to bring a little piece of the Kogelberg environment home with you without damaging it, shop at local establishments selling goods made by locals. There is clean running water, well-kept restroom facilities and dedicated picnic areas. You have to bring your picnic kit. There is no shop within the reserve so make sure to stock up before your arrival.

Close-up of the picturesque fynbos

You should go to Kogelberg if you have ever wanted to do something good for the environment. Throughout the year, they have many projects that people, families, and groups can take part in.

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