Sustainable Travel in the Western Cape: Eco-friendly Accommodations and Activities

A beautiful view of Hout Bay

Sustainable travel is all about making sure we protect the natural beauty and unique biodiversity of places like the Western Cape. The animals and landscapes in this area are truly amazing, and it is important that we respect them when we visit. 

Eco-friendly Accommodations in the Western Cape

Melozhori Pods

The Melozhori Pods are a unique way to stay right in the heart of a game reserve, designed to fit right into the surrounding landscape. These pods use solar power for all their energy needs, which means they’re good for the environment. They’re built with natural materials, reducing their impact on the earth. 

Stonewood Mountain Cabin

Stonewood Mountain Cabin offers you an opportunity to enjoy the essence of nature without leaving a big carbon footprint. This cabin is tucked away in the Mount Bain Private Nature Reserve and is entirely off-grid, using solar power and river water for all its needs. It’s the perfect spot for anyone looking to have a rustic retreat and get away from busy city life. 

Oudebosch Eco Cabins

Located in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, the Oudebosch Eco Cabins are a great example of sustainable living. These cabins have waterless composting toilets and other eco-friendly waste systems to keep the place clean without harming the environment. Their roofs are covered with local plants, helping them blend in with the surrounding area. When you stay here, you can explore nature trails, watch birds, and discover lots of different plants that are unique to this area.

The Glen Boutique Hotel & Spa

The Glen Boutique Hotel & Spa in Sea Point, Cape Town, combines luxury with eco-friendly practices. This hotel has a solar-heated swimming pool and uses energy-saving lights to reduce its environmental impact. They use organic toiletries and sustainable materials throughout the hotel.

Eco-friendly Activities in the Western Cape

Hiking Table Mountain

Hiking up Table Mountain is a fantastic way to see the natural beauty of the Western Cape without harming the environment. This iconic mountain is home to many unique plants and animals, and there are trails for all levels of hikers. It’s a great way to get close to nature and learn more about the area’s biodiversity.

A picture of the majestic Table Mountain from the road

Wine Tasting by Bike in the Winelands

Cycling through the Winelands and stopping off for wine tastings is a fun and eco-friendly way to explore this famous area. You’ll ride past beautiful vineyards, visit different wine estates, and taste a range of local wines. The scenic beauty of the Winelands is even more enjoyable knowing you’re not leaving a carbon footprint behind.

Eco-Tourism Tours

Taking an eco-friendly tour, like the Cape Town Carriage Tour or the Cape Town Open-top Bus, is a great way to see the city’s highlights without adding to pollution. These tours are designed to be gentle on the environment and are a relaxed way to learn about Cape Town’s history and culture. 

By being mindful of our impact, we can help ensure that the Western Cape remains a great place to visit. We encourage all travelers to think about their environmental footprint and support sustainable tourism wherever they go.

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