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A snippet from the famous Garden Route road

Driving Etiquette in South Africa: Tips for a Polite and Smooth Ride

Imagine arriving in South Africa and getting behind the wheel only to find unfamiliar traffic laws, road signs, and driving customs. It can be an overwhelming experience. While driving etiquette has commonalities worldwide, certain practices vary by country.  As a visitor in South Africa, understanding local customs is key to

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A traveler enjoying a stop along her journey across South Africa

Memorable Journeys Made Possible with Our Rental Cars

Imagine cruising down an open highway, taking in views of South Africa’s majestic mountain ranges and pristine coastlines. Stopping when and where you please to discover hidden gems along your route. Having the freedom and flexibility to create your own adventure across this beautiful country. This can all be possible

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High rise buildings in Johannesburg CBD

The Benefits of Renting a Car for Business Travel in South Africa

Business trips in South Africa can be extremely frustrating when relying solely on public transportation. Unpredictable schedules, overcrowding, surging prices, and limited coverage make getting around a challenge.  Renting a car can be an ideal solution for an efficient, productive, and comfortable business trip. Navigating the Limitations of Public Transportation

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View of a busy road in South Africa

Safety Tips for Renting and Driving a Car in South Africa

South Africa boasts stunning landscapes, iconic wildlife, and rich cultural experiences. However, if you’re considering exploring this magnificent nation by road, understanding the safety guidelines is imperative. Driving in South Africa can be an exhilarating experience, offering a unique perspective of the country, but only when done safely. In this

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