Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve: Gauteng’s Hidden Gem

Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve at sunset

Located in Heidelberg, less than an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, is Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve. Various species of flora and fauna, a rich historical background, and a variety of overnight accommodations are all included in the twenty-two hectares of natural beauty that have not been changed.

Activities at the Reserve

Leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city for some much-needed time in nature, it will do you wonder. Be it for a day visit or over the weekend, you can explore the reserve by cycling on the sixty-kilometer tarred tourist route, on foot by hiking the marked trails or on a self-drive. 

There is a wide variety of birdlife for bird watching, as well as picnic spots with running water, toilet and braai facilities. Spot zebras, springboks, porcupines and baboons along the way. Have your camera ready for such moments and do it ethically.

Good Etiquette at Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve

Etiquette while out in nature: do not feed animals, shout at them or lure them towards you. Leave the environment as you found it and don’t throw cigarette buds into bushes, as they may cause fire. If you want to keep the animals from getting scared, birdwatchers should keep their noise levels down and not point their binoculars at hotels or other people. 

Drive slowly to allow time to act accordingly should animals suddenly cross the road. Stick to the marked routes and do not wander off. Silence your photography equipment, respect wildlife and be patient.

Giraffes enjoying the reserve

How To Get There

Johannesburg is a world-class city and has all the conveniences for getting visitors to their destinations.  Rent a car from SANI car rentals, choose from their large selection and pace your trip as per your visit. You must own a valid driver’s license and have made the necessary arrangements before enjoying their services.

Johannesburg has always been referred to as the ‘concrete’ jungle and treated as a place of work. Not many people know that you can work, play and relax all within an hour’s drive from Jo’burg. When the everyday stressors of life get overwhelming, reserve a day for a visit to Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve or spend the weekend at one of their overnight huts exploring nature. Gauteng may be a small province but it sure has a lot to offer.

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