Traveling with a Group: How to Optimise Space and Comfort in Your Rental Van or SUV

A group of friends enjoying a stop on their road trip

Travelling with a group is exciting but it can come with some challenges. From managing multiple personalities to ensuring everyone’s comfort, the details can become overwhelming. The vehicle that you travel in is an important part of this experience. Planning ahead and making good use of the space in your rental car can really help.

Importance of Planning Ahead

Discuss the Itinerary:

Traveling light begins with a clear plan. When you have a mapped-out itinerary, it’s easier to determine what you genuinely need. By talking about the trip with everyone in the group, you can figure out what to bring while avoiding unnecessary items and duplication.

Choosing the Right Vehicle:

The backbone of a comfortable group trip is the right vehicle. Ensuring that your choice is spacious enough for both passengers and luggage is important. Using a car rental company in South Africa, such as SANI Car Rental, can offer a wide variety of spacious and affordable options, making the selection process less daunting. Also, see our blog for the benefits of pre-booking your rental car.

Efficient Packing Strategies:

Packing Light:

It is true that “less is more,” especially when you are traveling. Packing light not only cuts down on weight but also makes it easier to keep track of things and make sure important things do not get lost in the chaos.

Versatile Clothing Choices:

It is possible to bring a lot less clothing if you choose clothes that can be worn in different ways or for different purposes.

Essentials for the Journey:


Reduce the number of stops you need to make for food by bringing your own snacks in convenient, pre-packaged portions.

First Aid Kit:

Having a complete first aid kit is especially important when traveling with others. It ensures that even minor injuries are treated right away, which reduces the risk of complications.


The monotony of long car rides is real.  You can keep everyone entertained, and the time will fly by if you pack some books, games, or playlists. Or plan interesting places to stop along the way. 

A woman enjoying the sunset from her rental car

Reusable Water Bottles:

Always remember to drink plenty of water. Reusable water bottles are environmentally friendly and ensure that you always have water on hand without cluttering up your space with multiple plastic bottles.

Portable Chargers:

In today’s digital age, ensuring your devices are always charged is important. Portable chargers ensure no device runs out of juice mid-journey.

Comfort Items:

Long car rides can be exhausting. Travel pillows and blankets keep everyone comfortable, making the trip more enjoyable.

Vehicle Organisation

Seating Arrangements:

Making seating arrangements ahead of time can help to avoid confusion and ensure that each traveler is in the most comfortable position.

Keeping It Clean:

Nobody likes a cluttered environment, especially in small spaces. Having plastic bags on hand keeps the car tidy.

Traveling with a group, while fun, demands careful planning and organisation. Making sure everyone has enough room to stretch out and relax is the key to a successful trip. A wide range of low-priced car rental options are available for those planning group travel in South Africa. 

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